Our Local Hike at 8℉ (Eden Prairie, MN) 02-Feb-2023

We went to Arizona. 🌵 We visited friends. We did a few hikes – some along memory lane. It was warm. It was (mostly) sunny. 😎 We wore shorts, We ate enchiladas. We had a good time. 😁

And then back to Minnesota, where it was (is) not even close to warm. 🥶 A few days crept by as we dealt with life’s mundanities. Bills were paid. The cat was mollified (temporarily).

Then the weather forecast called for a “…blast of cold air…” (down toward -15℉/-26℃ or there about). Not “polar vortex” material, but still cold.

That forecast made today’s sunny 😎 8℉/-13℃ seem positively tropical. 🌴 So we lurched off the couch and did our usual little local hike to Bryant Lake and back (6 miles/9.6 km).

There was some wind chill. We were not wearing shorts. There were plenty of boot tracks but few other folks in sight (except at the dog park). We could see only four fish houses on Bryant Lake. And then home to wait for that cold blast…

Toward Lone Lake
Sunshine on Lone Lake
In the Nine Mile Creek drainage
Soon, soon there will be new leaves
On toward the tunnel and Highway 62
On the beach at Bryant Lake
A memory of summer past
On back past Lone Lake

Good exercise. 😁 And – despite the wind chill – pretty pleasant weather. No deer flies! If the forecast is correct, a patch of warmer (well, relatively speaking) weather lies ahead. So our next hike could be in mush or on ice. Ah, the many forms of water! What fun! 🙄


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