Ice Graces Our Local Hike (Eden Prairie, MN) 16-Feb-2023

We’ve used our microspikes just twice so far this winter – and only to cross ice slick parking lots. The trails themselves have all been good traction snow. Or we used snowshoes.

Last week, the air temperature shot up to 42℉ (5.5℃). 😎 Our big snow dump from earlier in the winter started melting. Puddles formed.

Then it rained (in mid-February! 😲). More snow compacted and melted. The snow melt and rainwater formed yet more puddles.

Last night the air temperature plunged – it was 11℉ (-11.6℃) this morning. Not as cold as it’s been, but close. All those puddles froze. Runoff froze. Water froze all over.

So today’s local hike from Lone Lake to Bryant Lake was enlivened by a shortage of friction. Miraculously, we made it to the Lone Lake parking lot without spikes.

There we came to our senses. Spikes were stretched on. And worn all the way to Bryant Lake and all the way back home. Broken bones were averted. And it was good. 😁

Lone Lake, Minnetonka, Minnesota
On the dock at Lone Lake
On the ice
Colors in ice
Bryant Lake, Edin Prairie, Minnesota
At Bryant Lake
Sunlight on ice
Ice on the waters
Abstract in ice
Bubbles in ice
Leaf on ice
Leaf in ice
Cracked ice
Going back on the ice

All this slickness did not encourage hiking. We met only one person and their dog on the icy trail. The dog was doing fine – what with 4-paw drive and built-in spikes. 🐢

How their owner was still upright was a mystery. They were either amazingly lucky or amazingly well balanced or wore amazingly discrete traction devices or were secretly levitating. πŸ™„


4 thoughts on “Ice Graces Our Local Hike (Eden Prairie, MN) 16-Feb-2023

  1. I would definitely use spikes as well. Last week I was just outside for a minute, I thought just to get to the ton and come back I might not need spikes, but next two days I couldn’t use them anyway πŸ˜‚


  2. Oh, goodness, I understand why you pulled on the spikes. That’s some treacherous ice. Your photos, as always, are spectacular. Today, especially, the lines lead my eyes right into the images.


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