Hiking at Elm Creek (Maple Grove, Minnesota) 19-Mar-2023

Truth be told, we getting just a tiny bit tired of Winter. Yes, it’s Minnesota’s signature season, but all good things must end. Right? The first day of Spring is tomorrow. 🌼 So maybe it’s about time to ease-up on this snow thing and start getting ready for mud season. 🀨

While winter may be getting tiresome, sunshine is not. So although this morning was cold (8℉/-13.3℃), it was also brilliantly sunny. 😎 And, unlike yesterday, not too windy. So we took that as our cue to do a short loop hike at Elm Creek Park Reserve near Maple Grove.

Our one and only previous visit to Elm Creek had been in June of last year, when we did a loop emanating from the Eastman Nature Center. We still have plans to do a longer loop there around Hayden Lake – once summer finally arrives. 😍

Today we contented ourselves with doing a walk on the amazingly wide multi-use trail in the southwest corner of the park.

We started on the Sumac Trail from the Eastman Nature Center parking lot but soon transitioned to what will be the paved trail once the warmer months arrive. At the moment, it’s plowed snow and easy walking.

With a trail as wide as an airport runway, and detailed signage at every major trail junction, navigation was of no concern at all.

We just walked along enjoying the sun, being passed from time to time by skiers. Most of them made Nordic skiing look effortless and fun – but a few made it look like some sort of Medieval torture. 😞

Starting on the Sumac Trail
On the incredibly wide multi-use trail
Rush Creek
Ice shapes on Rush Creek
At least it was sunny 😎
Two months to go before this is an avenue of leafy greenery
Elm Creek
Ice on Elm Creek
On the return side of the loop
A robin feather on snow *
Mossy Maze Polypore fungus
Continuing on …
Elm Creek
Crossing a patch of prairie
Summer – what we’re all anxious for now
Shadows on the land
Waiting for Spring

After 4.6 miles (7.4 km), we were back at the Nature Center parking lot – which was almost full. It had been another good walk in the sun. 😁 Along the way we’d passed the Douglas F. Bryant Winter Recreation Area, a tubing and beginner ski facility – which was very busy. It even has an escalator and a rope tow to take tubers and skiers back up the hill!

So a lot of people were getting some enjoyment out of a winter with historic amounts of snow. Good on them! But we’re ready to move on to melting and Spring and warmth and greenery and the first wildflowers. 🌼 We might even – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – be looking forward to the first deer fly. πŸ¦ŸπŸ™„ We might – until they actually arrive. πŸ˜’

Our loop at Elm Creek on the multi-use trail

10 thoughts on “Hiking at Elm Creek (Maple Grove, Minnesota) 19-Mar-2023

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  1. Thanks! We go hiking whenever we can – but it’s always best on a sunny day. 😎 As for the anticipated swarms of biting insects? Well, we have headnets and lots of permethrin. πŸ™„

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  2. It’s funny how the sun can make such a difference with our mood, especially when there is still a lot of snow on the ground. Looks like a lovely walk through the forest. Your pictures are stunning. We’re ready for the snow to melt too. I am not looking forward to the mosquitoes and flies though!


  3. Fungus and mushrooms give the land a little color and texture during the Fall and winter months. But I think we’re all about ready to move on and see the first wildflowers and some greenery on the trees. 😊

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  4. Your Mossy Maze Polypore fungus image has an interesting pattern. Hopefully spring colors show up soon, I can hardly wait to see what you capture in photos then.


  5. Thanks! We got boots on the ground here in early May of last year – just in time to watch the initial haze of greenery on the trees go through the process of reaching leafy luxuriousness. So we know what’s coming and are absolutely looking forward to it!


  6. You’re done a great job of getting creative with winter photography. But I understand your frustration. I don’t recall if you’ve been here through a Minnesota spring, but the vividness of the greens is unbelievable. Soon you will have more photo options. Hang in there!


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