A Path to Our PORTFOLIO 04-Apr-2023

WordPress (WP) is formed of pages, posts, and portfolios.

Pages are time-static (“timeless” WP calls them, as though the web will somehow be eternal). They hold your content as posts and portfolios. Think of them as the backbone of your blog. They are what menus are made of.

Posts are time-specific and displayed in reverse chronological order. To me they feel ephemeral – like wood chips borne away on the ceaseless (and some would say remorseless) stream of “fresh” content that is the web. As the stream flows and time passes, readers have to search with increasing cleverness to find your older posts.

In the physical (i.e., the “real”) world, a portfolio is an actual object for holding material – such as loose papers, photographs, or drawings – representative of a person’s work. In WP, it is a separate, time-static location where you can collect and curate your textual and/or visual projects.

Posts get shared automatically (either online or via email) with your blog’s followers and the webiverse; portfolios do not. This is (we assume) by intention.

This means, however, that your portfolio (and any projects in it) isn’t necessarily as visible as are your most recent posts. But one can overcome this by linking a post to the projects in ones portfolio – which is what we’re doing here.


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