It’s A Blog’s Life: 17-Apr-2023

17 April 2008.  Our first blog post.  Followed by fifteen years of blogging in one form or another.  To date, 1,292 unique posts – 839 on WordPress plus another 453 on the Oregon Hikers forum (BB code).  No post ever more than some images and words about the outdoor stuff we love doing. And have actually done – no phoning it in. And all written by real people. Truly authentic. 😊

And nothing particularly (or intentionally) literary or philosophical or political or controversial – we always figured there’s plenty of that already out there.  Just a fun follow-up to most of our outdoor experiences. Keeping the brain active with some writing and editing and figuring out the latest “upgrade” to some software (that often worked just fine as it was). 🙄

After fifteen years, we got to wondering whether blogs have lifespans.  Like some faithful and beloved pet which charms and amuses and comforts for several years but eventually succumbs to the vicissitudes of time?

This question seems of interest to both data geeks and influencers – those who rely on social media to sell stuff or themselves.  Of all social media, blogs appear to last the longest, with a half-life (time to 50% of total engagement, as likes, shares, or comments) of, on average, two years.

Over the years, we’ve followed several personal blogs that seemed active and robust but then simply stopped posting.  A few came back; most didn’t.  One does wonder what happened.  Was it always meant to be a one-and-done thing – one summer hiking the PCT or a wedding or the trip of a lifetime?

Or did it succumb to an alteration in life’s circumstances – nothing more to say, unreciprocated aspirations (too few “likes”), too many trolls, loss of interest, alien abduction? 👽 Probably as many reasons as there are bloggers.

This blog has certainly survived well past two years.  Why?  We’d like to think it’s because it offers scintillating content and brilliant photography, combined with deft and sensitive insights into our current political and cultural zeitgeist.  Nice if this were true, but it’s almost certainly not. 😞

More likely it’s still going simply because we like doing it (which seems to be the best reason for maintaining a personal blog), we’re too thick to quit, and we take comfort in low expectations.  And a few other people seem to enjoy it from time to time (Thank you all!) – so good enough.

So, how much longer this blog?  Well, not forever, as we are not forever.  But it may outlive us in some distant server farm, at least, that is, until the annual fees go unpaid or the power grid fails or the Metaverse 🤔 arrives.

It’s certainly a goner if going outdoors becomes – for whatever reason – no longer possible. At that point, we’ll have nothing more to share and that will be that.

Otherwise, it’s hard to say.  We may just keep banging away indefinitely.  Or posting may simply become more of a burden than a joy.  Or wilting engagement numbers may “suggest” it’s time for us to give it up – ride (metaphorically) into the sunset with our heads held high and all that.

Whichever way things go, we’ll let you know what’s what when we get there. So, until the future arrives, thanks again for stopping by … 😁

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of declining engagement,
Or to take arms against a sea of bounced clicks,
And by opposing end them? To fold: to post;
No more; and by folding say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand missed “likes”
That blogs are heir to, ’tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish’d.

Our sincerest apologies to The Bard of Avon

23 thoughts on “It’s A Blog’s Life: 17-Apr-2023

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  1. Thank you for the kind words! 😊 I’ve always admired the elegant design of your blog – ours tends more toward the utilitarian. Life, travel, journey – at some point these seem indistinguishable. The key is to stay curious… 😉


  2. Fifteen years of blogging is impressive! You create beautiful posts and you share more eloquently than simply “We hiked this trail,” which is why I find your blog engaging. Our current blog is now ten years old, and although travel will always be a primary focus, it has evolved to be more of a “life journey” blog because there’s so much life that happens along the way, LOL. I’m in this for the long haul, too…an unexpected benefit has been the many friends we’ve met through our blog, and the surprising number that have blossomed into real-life, forever friends. Carry on!


  3. Actually, I’ve been blogging pretty continuously for 15 years. This post was just a brief (very brief) pause to give those years a little perspective. So now the posts will continue… 😊

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  4. Thank you! And thanks for your posts on fire lookouts – we’re keen on those too. So don’t overthink – just post to share what you love doing. We (The LovedOne and I) were passionate outdoor people well before blogging arrived. But once it did, it seemed like a natural adjunct to our outdoor experiences. Our posts allow us to keep a record/memories of stuff we’ve done but we’re really happy when others (family, friends, fellow bloggers) enjoy them (or find them useful) too. 😊 I hear what you’re saying about gritty personal details bringing greater engagement – but, sadly (or not) that’s just not for us. So we’re good with the engagement we get sharing what we do. Plus, our dating lives are so far in the past they’re only of interest to archeologists (or, more likely, paleontologists). 🦖😉

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  5. We are indeed a small clan of bloggers who enjoy sharing. I agree with your thought as long as I’m enjoying sharing and it’s not a burden preventing me from living live, I too plan to continue. With the caveat that I’m still doing something of interest.


  6. I’m always amazed at how consistently and often you post (even more impressive after so many years)! I’m thankful for blogs like yours that can provide trail conditions and updates, it’s my favorite way to research an area besides looking directly at a map (but the map can’t say as much about the area besides elevation, distance, and where a trail might have once been). I couldn’t agree more that it has to be for yourself first and foremost. I love sharing my own posts about fire lookouts but we also do a lot of hiking, backpacking, and car camping that I don’t share. For some reason those posts come as a road block and sharing the helpful amount of information for someone to find it useful is where I struggle to find motivation (or possibly overthink to a point where it becomes a chore). My blog used to have a different form years ago that focused on misfortunes in my dating life. I thought it was fun to share but eventually just stopped posting because it didn’t bring me any joy or became harder to share. That version received much more engagement than my current iteration, but I like this one much more.

    Cheers to more years of enjoying your hikes and adventures from the other side of the screen!


  7. Thanks! The caveat is that for my older posts, especially those in Southern Oregon, fires & floods can change trails and routes a lot – or even make them disappear. 😟


  8. Glad to hear you plan on continuing to plug away. Many of your older posts have proved helpful and others inspiration for new trips. Happy Trails!


  9. It took us a while to realize that it’s best if you do your blog for yourself first and foremost. If family, friends, and others enjoy it too, then so much the better! We were on the lookout for other Minnesota bloggers when we came across yours. It has helped give us some insights into our new home – and some ideas for places to visit. We do promise, however, to never mangle Shakespeare again! 😉


  10. Thank you for all the kind words! We’ve enjoyed following your blog, with thoughts of replicating some of your adventures – your Lost Coast ones were particular favorites. 😃 Now that our backpacking days are in life’s rear view mirror, being able to read about yours is much appreciated. We’re looking forward to whatever adventures you get up to once you’re settled in Grand Junction. 😁

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  11. There’s a kinship in the land of bloggers. It’s wonderful to find ‘good’ people who enjoy similar interests. I ‘recently’ discovered your blog as I searched for other Minnesota bloggers who might have adventures in my state that I haven’t discovered yet. I like your blog and plan to be a continued reader (and liker and commentor as my time allows). 😊 I started my blog – like some other folks did – for myself, to share my variety of interests and maybe find some kindreds, to battle the negativity in the world with simplicity and joy, and maybe leave some memories of love and adventure for the grandbabies. Also, a long while ago I wrote a terrible poem entitled, “Shakespearean Tech”, if only Shakespeare knew what other humans might do with the words in “To Be or Not to Be”?


  12. Congrats to 15 years of blogging. I’m with you on the whole goner thing if the outdoors becomes no longer possible. Wishing you many more years of hiking and spending time outdoors (and blogging about it). Cheers, Linda


  13. Thanks for your reflection. Early on I found you on the Oregon Hikers Blog as VanMarmot and relied on your backpacking trip reports to research my backpacking efforts. Then your “Boots on the Trail” blog gave me a template for my blog, Your reflections are spot on about how we have seen blogs come and go. We don’t blog to monetise our adventures we blog to remember them. Maybe blogging replaced scrapbooking but I have always seen it as a very effective way to document our lives while providing some service to others. You know I have reviewed your posts to gain insight into a specific trail at a specific time of year to help plan my trip. You and “The LovedOne” are friends I have never met but feel like I know. It will be interesting to figure out how we will continue to host our blogs long after we are done actively updating them, because what better way to reflect upon a lifetime that we cherish so much.

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  14. Congratulations on 15 years of blogging! I’ve enjoyed your posts, even if I’m not a mega outdoorsperson like you two. I love studying your photography, though, and vicariously hiking so many wonderful places in Minnesota. I say keep writing. Keep photographing. I’ll be along for the journey.


  15. I have been doing the same type of blog reflection over the last month or so and in the last week, upgraded my template and host. In doing so, I uploaded my original Blogger blog from 2004-2013 to my current blog.

    Although time consuming, I write for me. I enjoy looking back at what I’ve done, the travels, the smiling faces of family members I miss and everyday life. Like you, I plan to continue to blog for a while. Cheers to new blog posts!

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