Minnehaha Falls (Minneapolis, MN) 17-Apr-2023

This 53 foot (16 m) tall waterfall is one of the premier attractions in urban Minneapolis. It can draw quite a crowd on a nice summer weekend day, Our only previous visit was last year on a cool, overcast, uncrowded weekday. We saw the falls and then hiked down to visit the Mississippi River. We also managed lunch at the delightful Sea Salt Eatery. 😋

Today was bright and sunny but cold. And the Mississippi was in flood. We thus contented ourselves with just seeing the falls. During the summer months – and particularly if we’re in a drought – there may be no waterfall here at all. But, thanks to the recent, rapid melting of this year’s record (3rd snowiest!) snowfall, today Minnehaha was gushing magnificently.

Minnehaha from above I
Minnehaha from above II
Minnehaha from above III
Minnehaha from above IV

We followed an aerobic set of stairs down to the base of the falls. Thanks to our recent spate of summer weather, these stairs were completely free of the ice and snow that can make seeing the falls from below an ordeal in the winter.

Minnehaha from below I
Minnehaha from below II
Minnehaha from below III
A rainbow for a sunny day 😎

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