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Antelope Island State Park (Utah) 18-Sep-2017

WAntelope Island State Park Utah

After hikes in the Ruby Mountains Wilderness and Great Basin National Park, we decided to enjoy some “big city” civilization (and a wider selection of microbrews) by heading over to Salt Lake City. Once there, we found time – amongst the bookstores, microbrews, and restaurants – to visit Antelope Island State Park, located about 40 miles north of the city.  On our last and only visit to this park – while escaping briefly from a conference in Salt Lake – we’d had to deal with a fog so thick that we couldn’t see much beyond the hood of our rental car.  But we’d heard that it was quite a beautiful area – when visible – so we took this opportunity to actually see it for ourselves.  Well, long story short, it is an amazing outdoor venue, with spectacular views of the Great Salt Lake, along with the Historic Fielding Garr Ranch and free-ranging bison (among other desert animals of various sizes and temperments).  The folks in Salt Lake are lucky to have someplace this nice so close by…

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Naomi Peak (Utah) 24-Aug-2008

Naomi Peak Utah

This was the last hike on our great Western U.S. roadtrip, this time 20 miles east of Logan, Utah. Our previous hikes on this trip were in forested terrain very similar to that in western Oregon. The area around Naomi Peak (9,980 feet) in Utah’s Mount Naomi Wilderness is more reminiscent of that around Bend or Sunriver – as was the weather – in the high 80ºF range with 11% humidity. A short hike but definitely something a little different for this trip.

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