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Biscayne National Park (Florida) 11-Feb-2018

Biscayne National Park Florida

Biscayne National Park, which starts some 10 miles due east of Homestead, Florida, is another one of those national parks in Florida that is mostly offshore and underwater. You can’t see very much of it from the Dante Fascell Visitor Center, so we scheduled a paddling/snorking day trip with the Biscayne National Park Institute to get a little closer look at this park. Continue reading

Sperry Chalet (Glacier National Park) 30-Aug-2013

Sperry Chalet Glacier National Park Montana

This was another of our sort’a bi-annual visits to this great park. This year we divided out time between Many Glacier Hotel on the east side and Lake McDonald Lodge on the west side, with the idea of doing some of the trails we’d missed before (or which had been closed due to bear activity). After several days at Many Glacier, we broke camp and spent a day (of nice weather – oh, the irony) getting settled at the Lake MacDonald Lodge, thereby allowing yet another front to show-up for our planned hike to see Sperry Chalet.  The LovedOne decided that staying in the lodge would be more fun than hiking in the rain, so I headed off for the chalet solo, in less than cheery weather. Continue reading

Dawson Pass (Glacier National Park) 02-Sep-2010

Dawson Pass Glacier National Park Montana

This was the third hike during our 2010 trip to Glacier National Park. We were at the Many Glacier Hotel again this year since it is at or near several trailheads. There is also a shuttle from the hotel to the free shuttle service that operates within the park and this allows us to do several long loop trips as dayhikes. Continue reading