Oregon: Southern

Map of hiking locations in Southwestern Oregon
Trails near: (A) Applegate Lake, (B) Mount Ashland, (C) Williams, (D) Ruch, (E) Talent or Ashland, (F) Illinois Valley, (G) Jacksonville, (H) Medford, (I) Table Rocks, (J) Grants Pass, (K) Lake of the Woods, (L) Lost Creek Lake, (M) Crater Lake National Park, (N) Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

More hikes in Southern Oregon can be found on the Oregon: Wilderness Areas and Oregon: Rogue River pages.


[A] Trails near Applegate Lake

[B] Trails near Mount Ashland

[C] Trails near Williams (Applegate Valley)

[D] Trails near Ruch (Applegate Valley)

[E] Trails near Talent or Ashland

[F] Trails near Selma or Cave Junction [Illinois Valley]

[G] Trails near Jacksonville

[H] Trails near Medford

[I] Upper & Lower Table Rocks

[J] Trails near Grants Pass

[K] Trails near Lake of the Woods

[L] Trails near Lost Creek Lake

[M] Crater Lake National Park

[N] Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument (see also Soda Mountain Wilderness)