Long Meadow Lake (Minnesota Valley NWR) 12-Nov-2022

Reflection on pond, Minnesota Valley NWR, Minnesota

The tense 2022 Midterm elections are now behind us. These gave us, as they have for 234 years, winners and losers. Regardless of whether their person won or lost, the American people seem to still believe enough in our grand experiment in Democracy to vote and accept the results. That we did this, just a few days before we remembered those who fell to preserve this Democracy, is magnificent. Let’s try to be the same people in 2024… 🇺🇸

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Nine Mile Creek (Bloomington, MN) 25-Sep-2022

Nine Mile Creek, Bloomington, Minnesota

Recently I found myself concurring with BIT|Hiker’s musings about the unsung merits of hikes that …are neither rigorous nor lengthy. Although some undoubtedly do, I’ve never thought of hiking as a competitive sport – where if you haven’t endured X miles with Y feet of gain you’re not in the league tables. The main point (to me at least) is to just get out into Nature and do something that’s good for your body, mind, and soul! 😁

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Hyland Lake Park (Bloomington, MN) 15-Feb-2022

Once again, a trip for personal business claimed some of our time. Personal because it was for our needs and not those of some corporate overlord. Business because it wasn’t all about having fun or wallowing in new experiences. It’s why we found ourselves in Minneapolis, Minnesota (and environs) in February. Not exactly swimsuit and cocktails around the pool weather. But we’d brought along some winter hiking gear, so it wasn’t TOO much of a shock. Our gear did not, however, include the fleece-lined Crocs we saw for sale at the local REI.

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