Frog/Cameron Loop (Red Buttes Wilderness) 05-May-2021

The winter of 2014-15 in Southern Oregon was one without meaningful snow, even at the highest elevations. The Mount Ashland Ski Area didn’t even open. We did more than a few hikes then that should have either been inaccessible until Spring or have required snowshoes. One of these was the Frog Pond/Cameron Meadows Trail #953 in the California portion of the Red Buttes Wilderness. By rights, we shouldn’t even have been able to drive to the trailhead, much less hike the whole loop in just boots. But we did, going counter-clockwise. Staying on the trail across Cameron Meadow was, despite the large rock cairns, tricky. And the portion of the trail down to the Cameron Meadows Trailhead was choked with brush.

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Frog Pond/Cameron Meadows (Red Buttes Wilderness) 01-Mar-2015

Frog Pond Cameron Meadows Red Buttes Wilderness California

We decided to celebrate the start of meteorological Spring with a short hike on the northern edge of the Red Buttes Wilderness. This hike is actually in California (barely) but the road access is from Oregon, so we’re calling it an Oregon hike. Or, more accurately, a State of Jeferson hike – but enough with the names already! 😉 This particular trail was spared being burned by the 2012 Fort Complex Fire, so its botanical features are still intact (Update: It was intensively maintained in 2016 and was missed by the 2017 Whiskey Ridge and Overview Fires).

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