Campbell Lake (Marble Mtn. Wilderness) 06-Oct-2015

Campbell Lake Marble Mountain Wilderness California

Earlier this year (post), we made our first foray into the Marble Mountain Wilderness in Northern California. So we thought it was time to do another exploratory hike from one of the trailheads readily accessible from the east. Judging from the huge size of its parking lot, the Lovers Camp Trailhead is probably the most popular of these, so this time we tried the Shackleford Trailhead which is south of Lovers Camp and whose access is via bouncy gravel, not paved, roads. This is Hike #90 in Sullivan’s 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon (Third Edition, 2014).

After considerable bouncy driving, we reached the trailhead, where we were greeted by a pit toilet and a few cows (cattle grazing was grandfathered in when this wilderness was established). The Shackleford Trail (USFS #5542) starts as a now abandoned road, which was lined with a few vaguely curious cows,

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