Collings Mountain Loop (Southwest Oregon) 18-Dec-2020

The Friends of the Medford Library (all volunteers) hold book sales, do on-line sales, and run a small bookstore to raise funds to augment the library’s budget. The books sold are those donated to the library. But that was in the Before Time. The library itself was fully closed for a while and is still mostly so. Only recently have limited services once again become available. This has allowed the Friends to resume on-line sales and open the bookstore a few hours a week. So The LovedOne, as a member of the Friend’s board and its treasurer, is once again volunteering in the Cellulose Jungle 🙂 and not available for every hike that comes along. 😦

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Hiking Southern Oregon: 25 Hikes (February 2020)

To celebrate our 600th post on WordPress, we’re highlighting a select few of the many hikes we’ve enjoyed here in Southwest Oregon.

As we’ve perused lists of Oregon’s greatest hikes, we’ve come to notice that these lists are heavily skewed, with a few exceptions, toward hikes near Portland.  That metro area’s greater population helps if a list is based on some kind of vote.  And proximity to its major airport helps get votes from those who drop in for a brief Western adventure.  Even some of the classics, like the Wallowas in Eastern Oregon or the Three Sisters in Central Oregon, often don’t make these lists because they are too far away.  So a lot of “great” hikes get done near Portland – the state’s most populated town. And then the complaints roll in about how there’s no parking, the trails are too crowded, you need a permit or must pay a fee, it’s raining, etc.

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Collings Mountain Loop (Southern Oregon) 09-Dec-2019

The storms of winter have finally arrived. The snow depth is growing in the high country. Mount Ashland, our local ski area, opened a week early. Down lower, we’re having rain and fog interspersed with a day or two of clarity. I sought to take advantage of one of these clearings in the mists to do a little stiffer hike. A loop formed by the lower altitude Collings Mountain and Da-Ku-Be-Te-De Trails came to mind. Easy access, a decent climb (1,800 feet), and a fair length (10 miles) seemed just about right.

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Collings Mountain Loop (Applegate Lake) 25-Oct-2018

Collings Mountain Trail Applegate Lake Oregon

The Collings Mountain Trail (USFS #943) is one of several trails near Applegate Lake that offer hikers a low-elevation option in the winter months.  We last hiked it in late 2016. Today seemed like a good day to do it again, what with some weather (rain ❤ ) finally predicted to be heading our way. Thanks to persistent drought conditions, Applegate Lake is currently almost 100 feet below full pool. We combined the #943 with the Da-Ku-Be-Te-De Trail (USFS #940), which traverses the western shore of the lake between Hart-tish Park and Watkins Campground, to make a nice 10.6 mile, 1,700-foot gain loop. We found two geocaches along the way but didn’t stop to linger at the world famous (we hope) Bigfoot Trap!

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Da-Ku-Be-Te-De Trail (Applegate Lake) 16-Jan-2017

Da-Ku-Be-Te-De Trail Applegate Lake Oregon

Since we moved to the State of Jefferson, the majority of our hikes have been either solo efforts or just the two of us. In an effort to be more social, we signed up with Southern Oregon Happy Trails (SOHT), our local meet-up group focused on hiking. We had planned to refresh our social skills with them on a hike earlier this month, only to have it canceled by the Great Storm.  So, we needed to try again and that opportunity came when Joe – one of the meet-up’s assistant organizers – offered an easy hike on the Da-Ku-Be-Te-De Trail (USFS #940), which traverses the western shore of Applegate Lake between the Swayne Viewpoint Trailhead and Watkins Campground.  Unfortunately, when the Library got two big donations over the holiday weekend, the LovedOne had to skip this hike to enhance her social skills by volunteering to sort books and sniff the cellulose.

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