Thanksgiving at Crow-Hassan (Hanover, MN) 23-Nov-2022

Last Thanksgiving, after a hike in our then favorite local forest, we reflected on several of the big things in life that we were thankful for. We’re again thankful for all of those blessings. 😊 Of course, back then, we wouldn’t have imagined that this Thanksgiving would find us in Minnesota. But here we are, thankful to be a little closer to family and a little farther away from wildfires. But we seem to have brought some of the Western drought with us. Sorry about that… 😢

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Crow-Hassan Park Reserve (Minnesota) 26-Jun-2022

Today was one of those days whose memory we’ll undoubtedly cherish come the dead of winter: cool, crisp, sunny, with artistic clouds, and a bug-busting stiff breeze. 😎😁 The sultry heat and humidity of the last few days was banished (temporarily) and the outdoors was once again a beckoning non-sauna. So, after consulting the oracle of our handy 60 Hikes guide, we chose Crow-Hassan as today’s destination. The possibility of walking along yet another a river is what sealed the deal here.

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