Telephone Lake Loop (Trinity Alps Wilderness) 14-Sep-2018

Telephone Lake Fox Creek Ridge Trinity Alps Wilderness Northern California

The hike to East Boulder Lake in Northern California’s Trinity Alps Wilderness is a pretty popular one, since it offers easy access on a good trail to a big lake (ignoring the cows, of course). We did it in 2015 as a loop, with a return via the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and the tie trail from Middle Boulder Lake.  Further map-gazing suggested another loop – up the Middle Boulder Trail and the Telephone Lake Trail to the PCT, then west for a return down the Fox Creek Ridge Trail (and a short walk on Forest Road 40N17).  With cooler weather and an easing of the smoke from the horrible wildfires that have plagued us for most of the summer, today was as good time as any to try this loop.

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East Boulder Lake Loop (Trinity Alps Wilderness) 22-Sep-2015

East Boulder Lake Loop Trinity Alps Wilderness California

Earlier this year, we did a loop in the northern Trinity Alps Wilderness, greatly enjoyed it, and thought (now that changes in the weather have damped down some of the fires pouring smoke into this area) we’d do another, similar loop a little more to the east: the East Boulder Lake Loop (Hike #93 in Sullivan’s Southern Oregon hiking guide (Third Edition, 2014). This one, like others in this area, uses the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) as a connector that allows you to loop through different lake basins – and get some great views to the east and south.

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