Gunsight Mountain (Eastern Oregon) 07-Jul-2012

Gunsight Mountain Elkhorn Range Eastern Oregon

For this, our last day in Eastern Oregon, we wanted a short, but view-filled, hike. A scramble up Gunsight Mountain, near Anthony Lake in the Elkhorns, seemed ideal. This hike is #50 in Bond’s 75 Scrambles in Oregon (2005).

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Lookout Mountain (Eastern Oregon) 05-Jul-2012

Lookout Mountain Grant County Oregon

There are eight peaks named “Lookout Mountain” in Oregon. In 2010, Terry Richard wrote an Oregonian article about the one in Grant County, seemingly only because it’s one of Oregon’s 8,000 foot summits (8,082 feet). This Lookout Mountain is directly west of Strawberry Mountain (the high point in Grant County) and since we’d hiked Strawberry Mountain a couple of years ago, we thought it would be interesting to see Strawberry Mountain from Lookout Mountain. In retrospect, it’s not clear why we thought this, but there you are…

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Lower Deschutes River (Eastern Oregon) 23-Jun-2012

Deschutes River State Recreation Area Oregon

We had other, closer in, hiking plans for the day, but the rain kept coming and we kept heading east until we finally (but only temporarily) ran beyond the wet at the Deschutes River State Recreation Area. This recreation area’s campground and boating facilities are located east of The Dalles, Oregon near the confluence of the Deschutes and Columbia Rivers. This recreation area offers hiking, biking, and angling on the river as well as equestrian trail and whitewater rafting adventures.  Although its hiking trail system is not that extensive, it’s a go-to spot when rain is soaking the Gorge further west.

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Cornucopia Peak (Eagle Cap Wilderness) 22-Aug-2010

Cornucopia Peak Eagle Cap Wilderness Oregon

Today our goal was Cornucopia Peak on the southern edge of the Eagle Cap Wilderness. This wilderness is an immensely popular summer (and to a lesser extent, winter) destination for lots of hikers, backpackers, equestrians, and (in season) hunters and fishermen.  But a lot of this activity is concentrated on the north side of the wilderness, up by Enterprise, Joseph, and Wallowa Lake.  The southern trailheads – those out of Halfway and Richland, for example – are usually much less jam packed during the summer season.  So hiking Cornucopia was our way to getting a little introduction to the less busy side of the Eagle Cap.

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Strawberry Mountain (Eastern Oregon) 07-Aug-2010

Strawberry Mountain Wilderness Oregon

It was wildfire season in the West again and haze and smoke had been plaguing Portland and the Columbia River Gorge for several days. Heading east seemed like a plausible way to find some fresh air and clear (or clearer) skies. So we drove out to John Day, Oregon, with a plan to hike up Strawberry Mountain (9,038 feet), the high point in the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness (so named for the wild strawberries that ripen to juicy redness in July). The smoke and haze stuck with us almost all the way to John Day and we feared that our hoped for views from atop Strawberry would be seriously compromised. By the next morning, however, the weather system that had brought clouds to the Portland area had also pushed the haze elsewhere. It was clear and sunny for the entire hike, with maximum temperatures in the high 70ºFs. It’s always great when a plan comes together (particularly one of ours).

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Mount Bachelor Snow Hike 18-Jun-2010

Mount Bachelor Bend Oregon

I had work to do in Lakeview, Oregon this week and figured I owed myself a hike up Mount Bachelor on the way back to Portland. June is supposed to be the optimal time for hiking Bachelor, as it’s after the ski area closes (a must!) and before the snow melts to expose endless slopes of loose scree and pumice. I had to get back to Portland sooner than later, so it was an early start (5:30AM) kinda hike.

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Gearhart Mountain (Eastern Oregon) 13-Sep-2009

Gearhart Mountain Wilderness Oregon

In July 2021, the Bootleg Fire burned across the entire Gearhart Wilderness, engulfing all of the dead and living trees shown in the photos below.

We did a quick roadtrip to Southern Oregon to briefly explore the Gearhart Mountain Wilderness (between Klamath Falls and Lakeview) – Hike #82 in Sullivan’s Eastern Oregon guide (Second Edition).  Part of the plan – such as it was – involved doing the three-mile round-trip cross-country stint out to the summit of Gearhart Mountain itself, the 8,364 -foot tall volcanic dome at the end of a ridge of lesser domes.  There are several different ways to approach Gearhart but we decided to start at the Lookout Rock Trailhead on the east side of the wilderness.  That way we could see both the strangely shaped and layered lava outcrops known as “The Palisades” and also The Dome. Access to the trailhead is paved except for the last two miles which are good gravel. The trail starts in the forest,

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A Morning on the Deschutes 27-May-2007

By 2007, we were done with mountaineering (a good run, but let’s not push it…), starting to do more hiking, and had done a little rafting (if you can call the Grand Canyon little 🙄 ). So, on the way back from some hikes near Lakeview (Crook Peak, Gearhart Wilderness) we thought it would be fun to sign-up for a half-day paddle raft trip on the Deschutes River. There were a bunch of people signed-up as well but, due to some inexplicable sorting behavior, all of them ended-up in one raft and we had one guide and a raft to ourselves. The Deschutes south of Bend packs a lot of fun whitewater into a short distance and we had a great time crashing in and out of the rapids. This only cemented our desire to do more rafting (which we did) and, of course, more hiking (we did that too). We also eventually figured out how to combine rafting and hiking! 🙂

Buried again
Flying to slack water… 🙂