Lower Purgatory Creek (Eden Prairie, MN) 20-Nov-2022

Ice on Lower Purgatory Creek, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

This was our third visit to Purgatory Creek but the first one with snow on the ground. Today we walked into the Lower Purgatory Creek Conservation Area on the Nature Trail from Homeward Hills Park. We had microspikes with us but they were not needed as the trail was packed snow with good traction. It was a cold (18℉/-7.7℃) morning but sunny and calm, so we actually overheated a bit. Just a tiny bit…😊

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A Walk in the Snow (Minnetonka, MN) 16-Nov-2022

On November 2nd the high here was 76℉ (24.4℃). By the 10th it was 64℉ (17.7℃). The next day it was 30℉ (24.4℃). And day after tomorrow, it will be 17℉ (-8.3℃). Winter is here. πŸ₯Ά And, oh, we got our first snow too – which lead to 1,300+ traffic accidents state-wide as folks forgot to switch their driving mode from “endless summer” to “freaking slippery.” 😲 Seeing what this weather was doing to the natives, we stayed home.

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From Purgatory to Eden… (Minnetonka, MN) 28-Oct-2022

Sunlight through the trees at Purgatory Creek, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Purgatory Creek combines tributaries from Lotus Lake (formerly Long Lake), Silver Lake, and a wetland complex. These sources join into one creek, which then squiggles its way south to empty into the Minnesota River. We first encountered Purgatory earlier this year when we walked from Purgatory Creek Park to Staring Lake and back.

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Our Little Local Hike (Eden Prairie, MN) 05-Oct-2022

Fall colors at Lone Lake, Minnetonka, Minnesota

When we lived in Oregon, we did a lot of hiking. But on those days when we wanted a walk, but didn’t want to drive anywhere, we had an out-the-front-door favorite. Basically various loops around our neighborhood (which seemed to add a new house each time we went for a walk). It took some map gazing, but we finally found a similar – maybe even better – no-drive option outside the door of our new home here. πŸ˜€

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A Morning on Purgatory (Eden Prairie, MN) 10-Jul-2022

There are a surprising number of public parks and preserves in Minneapolis and tucked away in its numerous surrounding suburbs. We’ve hiked some of these because they are iconic (Minnehaha Falls) or were featured in one of our hiking guides (Wood Lake Nature Center). Many others we’ve driven past without knowing they were even there. Purgatory Creek and Staring Lake fell in this latter category until we were alerted to their presence by Neaton Adventures. Since both are only minutes from our house, they seemed like the ideal (gas saving) choice for a morning’s walk before afternoon thunderstorms rolled through. πŸ˜ƒ

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