Berry Creek Wilderness? (Southwest Oregon) 25-May-2020

On our first visit to Elk Creek, in 2017, we went down to see the partial remains of the Elk Creek Dam. After 20 years of struggle, those who didn’t want a dam here prevailed, construction stopped, and the partially built structure was eventually breached to allow fish passage. From the piles of gravel and huge metal parts left behind, we could see a tower of rock jutting above the ridge to the west. We’d eventually learn it was Berry Rock and made a note to try visiting it one day. Time passed…

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Along Elk Creek (Southwest Oregon) 10-Apr-2020

Elk Creek is a tributary of the Rogue River and one that was planned to be turned into a reservoir to accompany the one that is nearby Lost Creek Lake. Fierce opposition prevented the dam from being finished (it was eventually breached to allow fish passage) and the land that was supposed to be at the bottom of a reservoir became a recreation area. The old road along Elk Creek now serves as a hiking, biking, and equestrian pathway.

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Strolling Along Elk Creek (Oregon) 26-Apr-2019

The LovedOne needed some soothing outdoor time ahead of her helping out this weekend with Medford’s 5th Annual Comic Con. I wanted to go on a hike with her that didn’t involve trying to find the trail, steep climbs, ticks, or poison oak. The trail along Elk Creek near Lost Creek Lake northeast of Medford came immediately to mind.

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Dam You Elk Creek! (Oregon) 09-Apr-2017

Rogue River Elk Creek Oregon

Elk Creek is a tributary of Oregon’s Rogue River whose confluence with the Rogue is just northeast of Shady Cove, Oregon.  In 1986, about three miles upstream of the confluence, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) began construction on what was expected to be the Elk Creek Dam.  It was to be the last of three dams (the other two being the William L. Jess Dam (1977) on the Upper Rogue River and the Applegate Dam (1980) on the Applegate River) authorized by Congress in 1962 to help control flooding along the Rogue River. The Rogue’s capacity for horrendous flooding was well established and the two existing dams have done a great deal to mitigate that threat.  But the Elk Creek Dam was not to be (nor did it need to be).

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