Felton Memorial Trail (Southern Oregon) 29-Oct-2019

The Felton Memorial Trail junctions with the Enchanted Forest Trail about 0.7 miles from its trailhead on Slagle Creek Road in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley. From that junction, the Felton undulates in and out of canyons for some 1.5 miles to a commemorative plaque on Slagle Creek. The plaque memorializes three Bureau of Land Management workers (Felton, Hansen, and Siegel) who died in a helicopter crash at this site in 1993. We first hiked the short, but popular, Enchanted Forest Trail in late 2016 but by-passed the Felton Trail at that time.

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Enchanted Forest Trail (Applegate, Oregon) 26-Dec-2016

Enchanted Forest Trail Applegate Oregon

Searching for “Enchanted Forest” will almost invariably take you to the Enchanted Forest Storybook Theme Park near Portland, Oregon.  As much fun for kids as that is, this Enchanted Forest is, on the other hand, a real hike on a real trail through a real forest in the Applegate River Valley near Williams, Oregon.  This one is fun for kids too.  We first learned of it from Evelyn Roether’s 2006 Williams Area Trail Guide and were then spurred on to investigate it by an oregonnater post. It’s maintained by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and is accessible year round, so it seemed like a good choice while we wait for the new snow in the high country to settle a bit. In the Spring, this trail system is an ideal place to enjoy some of the numerous species of wildflowers found in Southern Oregon.  For additional adult entertainment, there’s the Enchanted Forest Wine Run in the Fall and nearby wineries all year-round!

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