Gray Rock Lake (Castle Crags Wilderness) 30-Jun-2016

Castle Crags Wilderness Northern California

In search of the highpoints in seven of Northern California’s wilderness areas, we went for a short hike and scramble in the small (10,609 acre) Castle Crags Wilderness, located just west of the town of Mount Shasta, California (details).  The area is probably best known for the Castle Crags, a dramatic formation of towering granite spires – ranging in height from 2,000 feet at their base along the Sacramento River to over 7,200 feet at the summit of the tallest crag. The largest are clearly visible from Interstate 5 just south of Mount Shasta. In 2011, we climbed well-known Castle Dome (4,966 feet) from Castle Crags State Park on the south side of the wilderness (post).

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