2021 ~ Adventures with The LovedOne

Well, 2021 started out bleak, then got happier, then got sad again. This was thanks to the two V’s – variants and vaccinations. Too much of one, not enough of the other. But we survived (yet again), with The LovedOne remaining as elusively photogenic as ever. But, thanks to being vaccinated, we were able to have a few big adventures without expiring.

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Hocking Hills State Park (Ohio) 12-Oct-2021

Personal business once again took us East, this time to Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio. Compared to our little town, we found these “big” cities to be a bit disorienting. 🤪 Lots of freeways, traffic, and people. We enjoyed our visits to them – and had some great meals at small, local restaurants – but decompression time in the woods was still called for. So we planned in a visit to Hocking Hills State Park about an hour south of Columbus. Every place seems to have a most visited location – think Angels Landing in Zion National Park or Dog Mountain in Southern Washington or anywhere in Great Smoky Mountains National Park – and Hocking Hills seems to play that role for Ohio.

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