Oregon Coast Redwoods 10-Oct-2016

Oregon Coast Redwoods

This weather forecast was calling for rain by the end of the week, with up to 10 inches in 24 hours predicted for places on the Southern Oregon Coast (a forecast that has since been upgraded to “…more than the typical rainfall for the entire month of October, and for the Medford airport, could be the wettest 5 day period in October since 1962…” {the year of the infamous Columbus Day Storm}).  With this ominous prognostication in mind, we decided to make a run for the coast and do a couple of short, but unique, hikes that had been on the edge of our to do list for awhile.

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Wine, Trails, and 40 Years in Napa Valley 20/24-Sep-2016

Napa Valley California

The LovedOne’s sister and brother-in-law are wine affectionados and when they decided to come out West for a week of wine tasting in California’s wine-obsessed Napa Valley, we agreed to join them there for a small family reunion.  We drove to St. Helena, California along Highway 101 so we could visit Humboldt Redwoods State Park enroute.  For me, an equally important part of this trip was to finally meet-up with an old friend and climbing partner – Ken Stanton – who I’d kept in touch with, but hadn’t actually seen in person, in over 40 years!

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