Four Guys and a Peak (May 1985)

Up until 2008, our past endeavors were retained only as memories and on 35mm slides. While our memories may have faded (just a bit), the slides haven’t – and we have a lot of them. So we’re digitizing a select few to bring a bit of our past into the 21st Century. The photos below are from a few of those old slides.

Two engineers, a physicist, and a biologist walk into a bar. And the bartender says…

Well, we’ll never know what was said (if anything) since I can never remember a joke (except for the one about the three-legged pig) or, if I do, I invariably garble the punchline. But no matter. This is about four guys – Alan, Chuck, Tom, and myself – and our experiment with the fine art of alpine style mountaineering back it what now seem like simpler times (but really weren’t).

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Mobius Arch Loop (Lone Pine, CA) 27-Sep-2018

Mobius Arch Alabama Hills Lone Pine California

On our way from Death Valley to the first of our Fall color hikes near Bishop, California, we made a short detour to see the Mobius Arch just west of Lone Pine, California. This is the most accessible (and most visited) of the 70+ natural arches scattered among the boulder fields of the Alabama Hills. We were lucky to visit it on a weekday when only about six other people were ahead of us for photos. It’s pretty amazing what natural forces can do to a piece of rock!

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