Other Roadside Attractions 24-Oct-2019

Well, my medical issue got fixed with no problems and no drama. Now recovery begins. BUT—no serious hiking for several weeks. 😦 Walking is, however, encouraged as part of the recovery plan. 🙂 I look forward to when walking can again morph into hiking. But, in the interim, just small steps. The weather could cooperate by being miserable and thus give me permission to become one with the couch (if the cat were to agree). But, no, it’s clear and sunny and mild outside and the trees are bursting with Fall colors. I admit to some whimpering and possibly some scratching at the back door. The LovedOne took pity on me (or was just tired of the noise) and drove us to some of the small attractions in our area that we’ve heretofore ignored while in pursuit of grander hikes. Butte Falls, Valley of the Rogue, McKee Bridge – today was their day. With lunch in Grants Pass, these visits made for a nice day out, with a lot of sunshine and a little walking.

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