Nine Mile Creek (Bloomington, MN) 25-Sep-2022

Nine Mile Creek, Bloomington, Minnesota

Recently I found myself concurring with BIT|Hiker’s musings about the unsung merits of hikes that …are neither rigorous nor lengthy. Although some undoubtedly do, I’ve never thought of hiking as a competitive sport – where if you haven’t endured X miles with Y feet of gain you’re not in the league tables. The main point (to me at least) is to just get out into Nature and do something that’s good for your body, mind, and soul! 😁

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Louisville Swamp Loop (Minnesota Valley NWR) 17-Aug-2022

Let’s just acknowledge that having the word “swamp” in a hike’s description substantially lowers its popularity – particularly for The LovedOne. So this route around the Louisville Swamp – which is Hike #24 in 60 Hikes and also on the Hiking Project – languished for months. But it was worth the wait.

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Fort Snelling State Park (Minnesota) 03-May-2022

We’re stuck in temporary quarters until the current occupants of our new home move and we finish some paperwork. All this moving has really cut into our hiking time. 😥 So we’re going to take advantage of our “on hold” status to do as many hikes as possible between now and when we finally get settled here. The weather is helping with this goal, as it has now turned warmer, sunnier, and drier (at least for a few days).

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