Long Meadow Lake (Minnesota Valley NWR) 12-Nov-2022

Reflection on pond, Minnesota Valley NWR, Minnesota

The tense 2022 Midterm elections are now behind us. These gave us, as they have for 234 years, winners and losers. Regardless of whether their person won or lost, the American people seem to still believe enough in our grand experiment in Democracy to vote and accept the results. That we did this, just a few days before we remembered those who fell to preserve this Democracy, is magnificent. Let’s try to be the same people in 2024… 🇺🇸

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Louisville Swamp Loop (Minnesota Valley NWR) 17-Aug-2022

Let’s just acknowledge that having the word “swamp” in a hike’s description substantially lowers its popularity – particularly for The LovedOne. So this route around the Louisville Swamp – which is Hike #24 in 60 Hikes and also on the Hiking Project – languished for months. But it was worth the wait.

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