One Last Gasp (Mount Eddy) 09-Sep-2017

Mount Eddy Shasta-Trinity National Forest California

A line of weather – the remnants of Tropical Storm Lydia – passed through our area earlier this week, bringing with it some brief, but much appreciated, precipitation.  This moisture cut a lot of the smoke out of the air and gave crews a chance to get a better grip on the many wildfires still burning/smouldering in the surrounding forests.  Temperatures were down too, which also helped with the wildfires.  But air quality in the valley was still marginal, so, once again, surrounding summits were called upon for fresh air.  After Mount Ashland, Aspen Butte, and Mount McLoughlin, the remaining nearest tall one was Mount Eddy, a 9,025-foot peak due west of Mount Shasta; one that we’d hiked previously in 2009 and 2015.  It’s a popular moderate hike past lakes to big views (particularly of Mount Shasta) and one high enough to be above much of the remaining smoke.  With The LovedOne once again volunteering at the library, I did this hike mainly for exercise in some fresh air.

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Mount Eddy (Shasta-Trinity National Forest) 06-Jul-2015

Mount Eddy Deadfall Lakes Shasta-Trinity National Forest California

Mount Eddy is the 9,025-foot peak immediately west of Mount Shasta and the Deadfall Lakes are in the basin just to the west of the peak. A hike to the summit offers views, lakes, and, because it’s all at 6,800 feet or above, pleasant air temperatures even when those in the valley are flaming hot. And the trailhead is just 13 miles west of Interstate-5 via good, but twisty, paved roads. Our last hike of Mount Eddy was back in 2009, so a return visit seemed due. This time, however, we started at the Parks Creek Trailhead (rather than the Deadfall Creek Trailhead further west on Forest Road 17) and took the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) to the lakes – it’s a better trail and we saved 600 feet of elevation gain (which is good now that we’re 7 years older).

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Mount Eddy (Shasta-Trinity National Forest) 16-Aug-2009

Mount Eddy Shasta-Trinity California

We’d set out on a hiking roadtrip this August with the express purpose of summiting Mount Lassen in California, only to find that the summit trail was closed for the season due to maintenance. Note to self: Call the Park before driving for six hours. After consulting our collection of guidebooks, we decided that hiking Mount Eddy [Hike #95 in Sullivan’s Southern Oregon and Northern California hiking guide (Fourth Edition)] would be an entirely acceptable Plan B . It proved to be an excellent choice, with all of the features Sullivan promises.

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