Green Valley to Mount Elijah (Oregon) 31-Jul-2019

We returned from the East to find the Rogue Valley buried in smoke from the Mile 97 Fire burning to the north.  The smoke was thick enough to abort our first attempt at landing.  We made it in on the second try after returning to Portland to refuel.  By today, aggressive firefighting had brought the Mile 97 to bay and the smoke had diminished.  Leaving The LovedOne to her air conditioned library duties, I headed to the Siskiyou Crest to do an out-and-back from Green Valley to Mount Elijah on the Boundary Trail #1207.

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Mount Elijah (Oregon Caves National Monument) 16-Feb-2015

Mount Elijah Oregon Caves National Monument Sturgis Fork Oregon

Our original plan had been to visit Stuart Falls on the south edge of Crater Lake National Park. But fallen trees had blocked the main access road (Forest Road (FR) 6205) about six miles from the trailhead. Our attempt to reach the falls via another trail was foiled when we found that trail had been largely obliterated by the 2008 Middle Fork Fire and had not been rebuilt. Sigh. So we kept Stuart Falls on the to do list and opted instead to visit Mount Elijah (actually both of them), which is now in the Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve. In 2014, the Monument was expanded from 488 acres to about 4,000 acres (to protect the watershed that feeds the underground river in the caves), which put Mount Elijah and the Bigelow Lakes within within the National Park system.

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