Climbing the 16 Major Northwest Peaks (1996-2006)

Mazamas Portland Oregon Mountaineering

Up until 2008, our adventures were retained only as memories and on 35mm slides. While our memories may have faded (just a bit), the slides haven’t – and we have a lot of them. So we’re digitizing a select few to bring some of our past adventures into the 21st Century. The photos below are some of those old slides.

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Mountains (August 2017)

But I shall go down from this airy space,
this swift white peace, this stinging exultation.
And time will close about me,
and my soul stir to the rhythm of the daily round.
Yet, having known, life will not press so close,
and always I shall feel time ravel thin about me;
For once I stood
In the white windy presence of eternity.

Eunice Tietjens (1917)

Patrick Y. Wang (1977 – 2005)
Andrea “Andy” Basque (1963 – 2008)

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Mount Saint Helens (Washington) 21-Apr-2013

Mount Saint Helens Washington

A friend of a friend was visiting from back East and wanted to climb a Northwest peak, so we decided on a dayhike of Mount Saint Helens via Monitor Ridge starting from the Marble Mountain Sno-Park. Because of the popularity of this climb (largely due to its proximity to the masses in Seattle and Portland), climbing permits are required year-round for each person and each day they will be traveling on the mountain’s slopes above 4,800 feet elevation.  The permit quota period starts on April 1st but we had been fortunate to snag a permit for six on a weekend day.  So after a pre-dawn drive from home, with a stop enroute to get our permit and register (and strengthen ourselves with donuts), we were at the Sno-Park trailhead and off just as it was starting to get light.

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