Minnregs Lake Loop (Murphy-Hanrehan PR, MN) 01-Aug-2022

Back in May, other obligations allowed us time for only a small loop at the northern end of Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve – Hike #26 in 60 Hikes to be exact.  It was a good hike but we thought this reserve merited another, longer visit. 

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Murphy~Hanrehan Park Reserve (Minnesota) 13-May-2022

The last two days here have been very lively – or at least the weather has. Hot and sultry days interspersed with nights filled with lashing rain, continuous lightning, howling wind, hail, and small tornadoes! 😳 Considering we just came from a place where it hadn’t rained much for four months – and there are no tornadoes – these nights were quite a “welcome” to the Midwest! Thanks, but no need for an encore. No, really. 😬

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