Stein Butte Loop (Southwest Oregon) 28-Dec-2020

Since 2014, with one notable exception, a hike up Stein Butte at the south end of Applegate Lake has been our last full hike of the year. This year – despite its litany of flaws – was no exception. We were (very) remotely tempted to do this hike during one of the storms predicted to arrive before New Years Day. You know, so our last hike of 2020 would be just as pleasant as the rest of 2020 has been. 😦

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Stein Butte~New London Loop 24-Oct-2015

Stein Butte New London Trail Southern Oregon

The trail to Stein Butte is one of the classic hikes in Southern Oregon’s Upper Applegate River Valley.  I did it for the first time last New Year’s Eve when there was a touch of snow on it (a touch being all it got last winter).  It’s a little hot for a summer hike but otherwise excellent year-round, particularly now in the Fall.  I did it as an out-and-back before finally realizing it could be done as a loop if you didn’t mind a little walking on a gravel road.  The LovedOne’s mention that she hadn’t done this hike yet was enough to get us in the car and away to the Stein Butte Trailhead near Seattle Bar.

We went up the Stein Butte Trail, which is a very pleasant trail in great condition – we hardly noticed we were gaining 2,400 feet! Along the way, we encountered Fall color,

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