Grayback Mountain (Siskiyou Mountains) 18-Aug-2016

Grayback Mountain Oregon

Southern Oregon Happy Trails (details) is the meet-up group for hikers in our area.  We learned of it shortly after relocating here but, being unfamiliar with the meet-up group concept, thought we’d watch and wait until we’d gained some of our own experience with the trails in this area.  Time passed.  Then this week we finally decided it was time to give “meet-up” a try when a hike to the summit of Grayback Mountain was posted.

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Grayback Mountain (Applegate, Oregon) 31-May-2014

Grayback Mountain Josephine County Oregon

For our last hike during this vacation in Southern Oregon, we decided on a short, steep one up Grayback Mountain (7,048 feet), the highest point in Josephine County. It’s supposedly named after the lice {“graybacks” 😯 } that infested the miners during the 1850’s gold rush. This is hike #71 in Sullivan’s 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon (3rd Edition). (Update: Parts of this area were burned by the 2017 Bigelow and Creedence Fires.)

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