Hobart Peak (Cascade-Siskiyou NM) 21-Sep-2018

Hobart Peak Bluff Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument Southern Oregon

Hobart Bluff (5,502 feet) is a short hike in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument to big views of the Bear Creek Valley, Pilot Rock, Mount Ashland, and (on a clear day) Mount Shasta. It’s wildly popular and features prominently in numerous guidebooks, tourist brochures, and trail websites. The obvious use trail to the Bluff has even earned its own signed junction with the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).

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Amber Waves on Upper Table 19-Sep-2018

Upper Table Rock Medford Southern Oregon

The Upper and Lower Table Rocks are popular flat-topped hiking destinations best known for their year-round views and for an expansive cover of colorful wildflowers (and vernal pools) in the Spring. By now, however, the heat of summer has toasted the landscape into the palette of umber, amber, and gold that signals the onset of Fall. Colors are now muted, subtle, no longer showy – but still beautiful. We spent the morning enjoying them.

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To An End of the Jack-Ash! 04-Sep-2018

Jack-Ash Trail Jacksonville Ashland Oregon

In October 2017, we did our first hike on part of the recently completed Phase 1 of the Jack-Ash (Jacksonville – Ashland) Trail. This then new (yeah!) trail connects both ends of the well known Sterling Mine Ditch Trail, allowing for various hiking loops and other footy options. Because of the way we arranged that hike, we left the Jack-Ash at its junction with the Grub Gulch Access Trail and thus didn’t go all the way out to Griffin Lane.  I was thinking of correcting this oversight with a hike & bike between there and the Deming Gulch Trailhead when I realized that I didn’t know exactly where the Jack-Ash connected with Griffin Lane. Owing to the amount of private property in the area, it was critical to know this location exactly, as unintentionally hiding the bike in someone’s backyard would be problematic (at best). So nothing for it then but to hike north from Deming Gulch, up Grub Gulch, and down to the end of the Jack-Ash (The LovedOne opted to avoid yet another instance of my hiking OCD by going to the library).

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Jacksonville Forest Park V 02-Sep-2018

Jacksonville Forest Park Oregon

After our big adventure in Canada and Alaska, a visit by Wayne and Diane as they motorcycled their way to Glacier National Park, and catching-up on a back-log of library volunteerism, we were ready for a Labor Day stay-cation.  Wildfire smoke was still around, but shifting winds cleared it out for a long hike in Prescott Park on Friday and it hadn’t fully returned when we decided to do a hike in Jacksonville Forest Park today. This park is a tremendous outdoor resource for when we don’t want to (or can’t) travel far to hike.  Our map of the hiking and biking trails in the 1,100-acre park is getting pretty ragged but we were still able to pick-out a short loop (5 miles; 1,500 feet of elevation gain) involving some trails we hadn’t hiked before.

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Let There Be Smoke! (Hobart Bluff, Oregon) 11-Aug-2018

Hobart Bluff PCT Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument Oregon

The wildfires started just about a month a ago and since then our air quality has been at best moderate, has gotten to very unhealthy on several occasions, and today is a cheerily morbid unhealthy. Sigh (cough, choke, hack, hack…). Although we’ll be doing something about this real soon, I stubbornly (The LovedOne would say stupidly) wanted to get in one more hike before we did. So why not go along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) to Hobart Bluff (3.4 miles round-trip; 300 feet of elevation gain) to see the missing views? Don Quixote would have approved.

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