Rafting Oregon’s Rogue River 6/9-Jun-2016

Rogue River Oregon Rafting

Oregon’s Rogue River flows from its headwaters at Boundary Springs within Crater Lake National Park westward for 215 miles to where it enters the Pacific Ocean near Gold Beach, Oregon. One hundred twenty-four miles of the river have been designated as Wild and Scenic and hiking trails follow it for approximately 100 miles.  The most well know and justifiably famous of these is the Rogue River Trail, a National Recreation Trail which runs for 40 miles from Grave Creek to Foster Bar.  In 2015, we backpacked this trail over four days and three nights (post). After having walked the trail, we thought rafting the river would a complimentary (and less energetic) way to gain a different perspective on one of Southern Oregon’s most iconic features. We were also enamored of the beer-carrying capabilities of a raft versus our backs (since freeze dried beer has proven to be the ultimate oxymoron). We got our friends Wayne and Diane to join us and arranged for a 4-day rafting camp/lodge package with Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures (based on our having used them previously to shuttle our car for the backpack and for a “family comes to visit” day of rafting on the recreational (Hog Creek to Grave Creek) section of the river).

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Rainie Falls (Rogue River) 09-Feb-2016

Rainie Falls Rogue River Oregon

Last year we backpacked the 40-mile long Rogue River Trail from Grave Creek to Foster Bar – an amazing trip!  This year we have plans to raft the river – which should also be amazing but we won’t have to carry anything! The Rogue River Trail runs along the north side of the river while the much shorter, but equally scenic, Rainie Falls Trail runs along the south bank. We hadn’t hiked it before and so used that as excuse to reacquaint ourselves with this segment of the river. The Galice-Merlin Road was temporarily closed by a landslide, so we worked our way to the trailhead from Interstate-5 at Sunny Valley via some backroads.

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