Stuart Falls (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 04-May-2015

Stuart Falls Sky Lakes Wilderness Oregon

UPDATE: This whole area sustained additional substantial damage during the 2017 Blanket Creek Fire, part of the High Cascades Complex Fire.  Current trail and forest conditions are likely to be worse than those seen here.

This hike wasn’t meant to be a lesson in the transience of trails but that’s what it became. Stuart Falls is a gorgeous 40-foot or so cascade of silver water on Red Blanket Creek nestled in a spectacular forest in the Sky Lakes Wilderness, near the extreme southwest corner of Crater Lake National Park. Judging from the size of the campsite at the falls, this area has been a favorite destination for years. The falls were said to be readily accessible from the west via the Red Blanket Trail (USFS #1090) from a trailhead on Forest Road (FR) 6205. Sullivan (Hike #42 in his Southern Oregon guide (Third Edition, 2014)) describes this trail to the falls as moderate and well-graded. So I went up to see it for myself.

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