Guadalupe Mountain (Rio Grande del Norte NM) 28-Jun-2018

Guadalupe Mountain Rio Grande del Norte National Monument New Mexico

After our family hike to Big Arsenic Springs, I (at least) wanted to do some more hikes – preferably in the shady heights of the Carson National Forest. Unfortunately, the managers of that forest had decided to close it the next day to all activities – including hiking – due to the very high fire danger. There was already one big wildfire burning south of Taos, so they were just being proactive in not wanting to fight another human-caused conflagration. Still, the Carson covers much of northeastern New Mexico (and all of the area around Taos), so it’s closure pretty much ruled out any further hikes at altitude. We’d never experienced a whole forest closed due to fire danger. Deep, soul crushing, sigh.

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Big Arsenic Springs (Rio Grande del Norte NM) 26-Jun-2018

Big Arsenic Springs Rio Grande del Norte National Monument New Mexico

After days and days of art appreciation, some other family members were finally open to doing a hike.  Despite the allure of shady forests, climbing a peak or going to altitude weren’t in the offing, so we picked a short loop hike in the Wild Rivers Recreation Area of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, which was established in 2013 and is administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The original plan was to descend the Big Arsenic Springs Trail to the river (at a well known fly fishing spot), go south on the River Trail, and return to the plateau via the La Junta Trail, near the confluence of the Red River and the Rio Grande.

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A Week in New Mexico 21-Jun-2018

Taos New Mexico

Our family is still scattered across the United States and still follows varying schedules and lifestyles, so arranging a get-together still involves multi-dimensional problem solving.  Our animating criterium for selecting a locale was (and is) for one where we can all be together but still have different things to do (because, inexplicably, we’re not all hikers).  Last year, we visited the North Shore of Lake Superior and that turned-out great.

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Lost Mine Trail (Big Bend National Park) 02-Jul-2014

Chisos Mountains Big Bend National Park Texas

This was the second day of our week before 4th of July visit to Big Bend National Park in West Texas. My brother-in-law (Russell), nephew (Bart), and I had all arrived in the Chisos Basin – our basecamp for this trip – the day before and today was the day for our first collective hike. We picked the Lost Mine Trail because its being close to the Basin meant that we could get an early start without having to get up predawn to allow for driving.

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