Saddle Rock Mine (Death Valley NP) 25-Jan-2020

Sunlit cactus at Saddle Rock Mine, Death Valley National Park, California

After two hikes in the Funeral Mountains in Death Valley National Park, we went across the valley into the more happily-named Panamint Range. Between 1908 and 1917, the mines around the town of Skidoo, located high in this range, became Death Valley’s second largest gold producers. Skidoo’s first gold strike was made, not at the abandoned townsite you can reach today by road, but at the Saddle Rock Mine about a mile to the southwest. This mine was active between 1906 and 1910, a road was built to it in 1929, and miners grubbed at it until the 1960s. That 1929 road, although now reduced to just a good trail in places, can still be used to reach the old mine site. This road was built along a ridge and a hike on it afforded us some of the biggest views to be had of northern Death Valley.

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