Interstate State Park (Wisconsin) 28-July-2022

Last June, we paid a visit to the Minnesota part of Interstate State Park. But there’s a Wisconsin 🧀 part too. That part is Wisconsin’s oldest (1900) state park and the western terminus of the Ice Age Trail. Both parts straddle the Dalles of the Saint Croix River, a deep-sided gorge that river has worn through the basalt foundation strata. We wondered if there was any relation here to The Dalles, a town on the Columbia River in Oregon. No. We’d learn later that “dalles” is not a specific name but rather a general term describing where a river runs through a gorge – which the Columbia does just downstream of Oregon’s The Dalles.

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Kinnickinnic State Park (Wisconsin) 15-Jul-2022

The weather people pushed off the really, really hot weather until this weekend and beyond. So we decided to sneak another hike into this weather window thus afforded us. Anything, frankly, than spending yet another day fixing yet another surprise! issue with the house. What could be more fun than a sewer pipe, eh? 😳 All this tinkering is taking its toll both emotionally and financially – and hiking is the most cost effective, most nerve-calming respite open to us at the moment. 😊

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St. Croix State Park (Minnesota) 06-Jul-2022

After more work than expected, we reached a temporary truce with our house repairs. A three-way switch issue still needed to be resolved (again), but that could wait. So it seemed the perfect time to escape some of the heat and humidity in the Minneapolis area with an overnight trip to Duluth, visiting some state parks there and back. Our state park quest was back on! 😃

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Wild River State Park (Minnesota) 09-Jun-2022

We returned from our Utah rafting trip in the early hours of Sunday morning to Sofie (our cat) and a mountain of unpacked moving boxes. Chin scratches and food mollified Sofie (momentarily) but those boxes were much more demanding. So we spent several days unpacking, building shelves, replacing light bulbs, cleaning, etc., etc. We soon longed for those days of yore when all we owned fit into a Volkswagen Bug and a Honda Civic. Sigh. 🙄

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Interstate State Park (Minnesota) 17-May-2022

Back in 2017 (oh, those golden days of yore 🤨), we organized a week-long family vacation on Minnesota’s North Shore. Much fun. On the way home, we stopped by Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis to see what they had. A lot of neat items, with – predictably – a solid inventory of water-related items. But also a wall of rock climbing gear. Rock climbing? Minnesota? Not two words we’d thought to put together before.

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