Slide Ridge (Soda Mtn. Wilderness) 27-Nov-2015

Slide Ridge Soda Mountain Wilderness Oregon

Our close proximity to the Soda Mountain Wilderness has made it one of our favorites, despite some of the challenges associated with exploring its largely trail-free interior. Aside from short trails to Pilot Rock and Boccard Point, only the Lone Pine Trail (actually an old road) makes a major foray into the western side of the wilderness.  If, however, you’re wise enough to go when cold weather inhibits the ticks, rattlesnakes, and poison oak yearning to make your acquaintance and careful about avoiding thickets of buckbrush, the terrain is open enough to allow for some cross-country exploring.  It was with this in mind that got me out to hike some old roads on Slide Ridge, ones that I might use to make a loop with the Lone Pilot.

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