Boccard~Soda Loop (Soda Mtn. Wilderness) 26-Apr-2020

The hike out to the big views from Boccard Point in the Soda Mountain Wilderness is one of the classics here in Southwestern Oregon. You can reach it in two ways: as an out-and-back along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from the Hobart Bluff Trailhead or from a more informal trailhead at the end of the Baldy Creek Road, one we first found out about from the Siskiyou Mountain Club. We’d hiked in from Hobart Bluff last year and so decided to venture in from Baldy Creek this year. We made a loop out of it by adding a short, easy cross-country transit over the summit of Soda Mountain. The views from both the point and the mountain were superb on this day of most excellent hiking weather. 🙂

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Rhyolite Point (Southwest Oregon) 15-Apr-2020

Keeping with local, short, and simple (but interesting) brought us to Rhyolite Point on the edge of the Soda Mountain Wilderness for a four mile hike. From a pull-out on the road to the Pilot Rock trailhead, we went south (which is really NOBO) on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) for a bit, then cross-country over Rhyolite Point (Point 5401 on the map), then down and along the PCT to a viewpoint for Mount McLoughlin, then back along the PCT to the trailhead. Except for three hikers who passed us on the PCT (at a distance since we were off-trail looking at flowers), we were alone for the day.

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Rhyolite & Porcupine (Southern Oregon) 13-Nov-2019

Thus far we’ve had a near record driest Fall. Storms are, however, forecast for this coming weekend (…the weather check is in the mail…promise!). So, with a vague nod toward Butch & Sundance (or any other two name duo you’d like), we did an easy (recovery is almost officially over!), but visually rich, loop in both the Soda Mountain Wilderness and the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument (this is possible because the monument overlaps the wilderness).

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Boccard Point (Soda Mountain Wilderness) 11-Aug-2019

Well, the big thunderstorms came and went, leaving behind some much needed rain and (thankfully) no big wildfires. We thought to capitalize on the cool, but clearing, weather that followed the storm by hiking out to Boccard Point in the Soda Mountain Wilderness. If the sky cooperates, big views of Mount Shasta to the south can be had from there. Plus, we hadn’t been to the point together since 2016 and then it was snowing! o_O

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“Rhyolite Point” (Soda Mtn. Wilderness) 12-Nov-2018

Last April, we did a short hike to Rhyolite Ridge, one of the many odd little destinations tucked away in Sullivan’s 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon (4th Edition). This location is on the south side of Point 5401 just west of Pilot Rock. Which raised the question: If a Rhyolite Ridge, then why not a Rhyolite Point? đź’ˇ After all, there must be views from the open, rocky top of Point 5401. Right?

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