Dunlop Meadows (Southern Oregon) 28-Apr-2019

Dunlop Meadows are two large meadows in the South Fork – Little Butte Creek drainage, southeast of Dead Indian Soda Springs, and overlooking the South Fork Canyon. My recent exploration of the Soda Springs Trail (USFS #1009) was supposed to include a detour to see the Meadows (USFS #1006) but my enthusiasm faded before I could get that far. The bears might also have had something to do with my foregoing the meadows that day. But today was a new day and I still wanted to see the meadows and the old cabin supposedly sitting in one of them. So, with The LovedOne still busy with Comic Con, I headed out to see the meadows, hoping the bears were now back in Ashland where they belong instead of roaming the woods scaring people. o_O

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Soda Springs Trail (Oregon) 25-Apr-2019

The lure of unexplored trails is strong in this one. That, combined with the onset of wildflower season, lead me to a write-up about Dunlop Meadows in the hills just east of Medford, Oregon. While considering that, I came upon the Soda Springs Trail (USFS #1009) coming up from Camp Latgawa on Dead Indian Creek. Combining the two trails with a short stretch of road walking would be a round trip of about eight miles, so why not? Well, it’s one thing to read about a trail online; it’s sometimes quite another to actually find it on the ground.

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