Trail of the Lost Chair (Applegate Lake, Oregon) 09-Apr-2015

Steve Peak Mountain View Mine Applegate Lake Oregon

During the last winter (what there was of it), we’ve managed to hike all of the major known, signed, and listed trails that are accessed from the Applegate Valley west of Medford, Oregon. With Spring now upon us, our attention is starting to shift to as yet unexplored trails (for us) in the Cascades and elsewhere. But there was one bit of unfinished business in the Applegate Lake area – Trail #908. This trail is no longer listed on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest website but is shown on various topographic maps including the latest (2014) Carberry Creek quad (but it’s not on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest large scale map). I finally found a description of it in Ruediger’s book, The Siskiyou Crest, wherein he calls it the “Osier Creek Trail” and indicates that it’s still there and can be followed. So, in the spirit of adventure and discovery, I set off to find it. The LovedOne bowed out on this one given that it might involve crashing through sharp brush festooned with poison oak (Oh, how right she was!).

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