Union Peak (Crater Lake National Park) 21-Sep-2021

We said good-bye to summer with a hike up Union Peak (7,709 ft / 2,350 m) in the southwest corner of Crater Lake National Park. The peak is the eroded remains (the neck) of a much larger volcano and is the second oldest peak in the park. The views from its summit are spectacular – provided they aren’t obscured by smoke. Which they were for most of this summer. So when our recent rains cleared the air and damped the wildfires, we knew it was time to visit Union again after a six year 😲 absence.

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Discovery Point Snowshoe (Crater Lake NP) 08-May-2017

Crater Lake National Park Oregon

We live about an hour and a half from Crater Lake National Park and, while we’ve visited several times, we don’t get to it (or at least the Rim) as often as we should. Too busy with tourists in the summer months; too challenged by snow and weather in the winter months. A little touch of guilt here – particularly now that there’s talk of privatizing National Parks and abolishing National Monuments (so sad, so stupid). So, yesterday, with The LovedOne mostly recovered from a bout of bronchitis, we went for a short – but amazing – snowshoe hike to Discovery Point on the lake’s west rim.

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Union Peak (Crater Lake NP) 25-May-2015

Union Peak Crater Lake National Park Oregon

Union Peak is a strikingly pointy peak on the west side of Crater Lake National Park that’s both a fun hike and an amazing viewpoint. We first did it in 2012 and got to wondering if this year’s abysmal snow level would let us do it earlier as simply a hike. Plus the low pressure area that had been plaguing us for the last two weeks had finally moved east and sunshine had returned! So off we went…

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Union Peak (Crater Lake National Park) 06-Sep-2012

Union Peak Crater Lake National Park Oregon

In the past, we’ve always just driven through or around Crater Lake National Park, so this year we decided to stay for a few days and really explore the area. Going just after Labor Day meant that the weather was still good but the summer crowds were largely gone (from the trails but not the gift store). There were a few clouds at dusk every day but otherwise the weather was excellent.

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