East Applegate Ridge Trail (Oregon) 11-Oct-2019

I first hiked the then new East Applegate Ridge Trail (East ART) in late 2017. The LovedOne couldn’t join me then due to pressing fiber projects (there’s a pun in here somewhere). Today was, however, a sweet spot for her between the library and the fiber, so we were off to enjoy the East ART in absolutely perfect hiking weather. 🙂 One thing I love about this trail – in addition to its great views – is its passage through a variety of our signature plant communities. Oak woodland, pine forest, madrone forest, grassy meadows, buckbrush thickets, alluringly colorful poison oak – this trail has them all.

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A Cabin in the Wildlands (Oregon) 23-Apr-2019

There is an old cabin deep in Southwest Oregon’s Wellington Wildlands. Likely an old miner’s cabin. A low structure. More of a dugout really; now with a partially collapsed roof. Nestled in a grove of spindly tall madrones adjacent to a perennial water source. Probably built in the 1920s or 30s. Now a reminder of those who sought (usually in vain) to draw riches from the fickle geology of this region. The cabin is located far from any trail or road and getting to it is quite a cross-country adventure.

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Wellington Butte (Ruch, Oregon) 13-Dec-2018

The collection of short, but view-filled, trails near Mount Isabelle in the Wellington Wildlands west of Ruch, Oregon includes the Isabelle Peak and Spring Trails, the Sundown Trail, and the Heart Trail, the latter planned as a principal part of the central section of the Applegate Ridge Trail (ART). With rain due in tomorrow, I used today’s bluebird weather to hike the Heart Trail and take in the view from atop Wellington Butte (3,710 feet). After yesterday’s snow frolic, The LovedOne decided she needed to stay home and sew another blouse.

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Mount Isabelle (Ruch, Oregon) 25-Nov-2018

Our persistent search for yet another new hike eventually took us to a short loop on Mount Isabelle, in the Wellington Wildlands near Ruch, Oregon. The views were reported to be spectacular (and they were 😀 ). The Applegate Trails Association has developed several trails in this area, in conjunction with their work on the still evolving Applegate Ridge Trail (ART) system. Since the route to the summit is only a mile long, we added a short cross-country section to connect with the Isabelle Spring Trail, which we used for our return.

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