Interstate State Park (Wisconsin) 28-July-2022

Last June, we paid a visit to the Minnesota part of Interstate State Park. But there’s a Wisconsin 🧀 part too. That part is Wisconsin’s oldest (1900) state park and the western terminus of the Ice Age Trail. Both parts straddle the Dalles of the Saint Croix River, a deep-sided gorge that river had worn through the basalt foundation strata. We wondered if there was any relation here to The Dalles, a town on the Columbia River in Oregon. No. We’d learn later that “dalles” is not a specific name but rather a general term describing where a river runs through a gorge – which the Columbia does just downstream of Oregon’s The Dalles.

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Kinnickinnic State Park (Wisconsin) 15-Jul-2022

The weather people pushed off the really, really hot weather until this weekend and beyond. So we decided to sneak another hike into this weather window thus afforded us. Anything, frankly, than spending yet another day fixing yet another surprise! issue with the house. What could be more fun than a sewer pipe, eh? 😳 All this tinkering is taking its toll both emotionally and financially – and hiking is the most cost effective, most nerve-calming respite open to us at the moment. 😊

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Willow River State Park (Wisconsin) 16-Jun-2022

Having heard seemingly endless tales about how cold it is (or will soon be) in Minnesota, we weren’t exactly prepared for the arrival of a heat dome. 🥵 We’ve been heat domed in Oregon and on the San Juan River in Utah and came away from those experiences half baked (if we weren’t already). But the heat dome here – although much more humid than out West – lasted for only a day. This time. Today and tomorrow were forecast to be sunny, breezy, and much less humid. But another, longer duration heat dome 🥺 is forecast to soon smother us. An aversion to excessive sweat suggested we put house repairs on hold and hit a trail (or two) while the weather wasn’t approximating the inside of a sauna.

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